Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Driving habits by Star sign?

According to astrologer Michele Knight, your driving style can be down to your stars. Vauxhall Motors have teamed up with Michele, to give you advice on who to drive with, where to drive to and how to pick a car for you - all designed to make your driving experience as pleasurable as possible!

Ideal car: a red sporty number, preferably a convertible.Your machine has got to get you from A to B in an Aries jiffy.
Favourite journey: a spontaneous and unplanned route - you like to be impulsive and enthusiastic.
Least compatible passenger: a Virgo who criticises your driving and hates to go on unnecessary detours.
Worst driving trait: speed, you are a speed junky and love to put your foot down. Save this for the racetrack.
Best driving trait: enthusiasm, you love your car and you love adventures.
Predictions for 2008: thanks to Saturn this year, you are learning to drive responsibly. Goodbye Aries speed freak - hello sensible driver. A long road trip to see an old pal many miles away is predicted.

Ideal car: a green people carrier that is practical like you and gives you the space to drag all your mates from location to location.
Favourite journey: setting off to family and friends reunion.
Worst passenger: Capricorns because they're as obstinate as you! Your car is like your home and you are picky about who you allow into your car's inner sanctum.
Worst driving trait: you can be a stubborn and belligerent driver and refuse to be given directions even if you are heading the wrong way up a one way street. You also love to backseat drive!
Best driving trait: you are loyal and generous with your driving time.
Predictions for 2008: you are dreaming of buying your ideal car. Like the perfect partner, choose carefully and don't plump for the first sexy little number you stumble across!

Ideal car: a silver car that is nimble and swifty with plenty of gadgets to keep you amused.
Favourite journey: you relish longer journeys that give you space to ponder your zillions of ideas.
Worst passenger: an intense silent Scorpio who won't open up to you. You love to know what people are thinking and hate silent journeys.
Worst driving trait: you can let your attention wander.
Best driving trait: you are great fun to travel and keep everyone amused.
Predictions for 2008: your fickle Gemini nature is exacerbated this year with the planets making you an unpredictable driver. A car journey to an ex-lover's could turn romantic!

Ideal car: you are attracted to curvy comfortable cars. Your car represents a protected cocoon for you to travel in.
Favourite journey: driving your loved ones out to the country or on a day trip makes your day.
Worst passenger: an arrogant Leo would get right up your nose and bring out the worst in you.
Worst driving trait: you might drive along and turn around to offer food or snacks to passengers. Nurturing is your thing - just don't do it whilst driving!
Best driving trait: you are a very calm driver at all times and are very safety-conscious.
Predictions for 2008: Saturn has finally left your sign leaving you carefree and adventurous. You'll feel the urge to trade in your safe reliable model for something flashier. Go for it! A new image is exactly what's needed.

Ideal car: you desire a car even better looking than you and something that makes a statement.
Favourite journey: to a celebrity party or event which no one else can get tickets to.
Worst passenger: a flaky hippy Pisces with wacky dress sense does not go down well.
Worst driving trait: stop admiring yourself in the mirror when you should have your eyes firmly on the road!
Best driving trait: you are generous and magnanimous and make your passengers feel like a million dollars.
Predictions for 2008: the next car you buy seems to be a big commitment. It is bigger, bolder and more serious than your previous vehicles. Your life and your car are trading up.

Ideal car: you would like a nice clean, sensible car with the ability to be turned into a convertible at the flick of a switch to express your hidden cheeky personality.
Favourite journey: your daily trip to work, as you like to be on time. You always get arrive in a neat and pristine vehicle.
Worst passenger: a sporty Aquarius who has just got back from football and has forgotten to shower.
Worst driving trait: you can rattle other drivers on the road when your ultra-cautious driving style means you dip way under the speed limit...again
Best driving trait: a diligent and safe driver, you are probably the least likely sign to get into an accident, as you are.
Predictions for 2008: a drive to the sea is indicated where a sense of freedom is found. Your driving destiny this year is to find remote places you love and to have an adventure with your car.

Ideal car: everything in your life has to be aesthetically pleasing. It would pain you to drive a car that was unattractive or too noisy.
Your favourite journey: you sometimes need space and use your car to retreat from the world and go off for a solitary drive.
Worst passenger: a loud Aries knocks your driving equilibrium and could be your worst nightmare on a long journey.
Worst driving trait: you are often seen going round and round the roundabout scratching your head and dithering as you attempt to make up that shaggy Libran mind.
Best driving trait: you have impeccable manners on the road. You let people out of turnings and always give a wave if you are let through.
Predictions for 2008: sharing a car is becoming a bit of a problem. You are normally easy going but may need to be assertive and tell your partner to buy their own. If you are single, giving someone a lift home is likely to lead to much, much more.

Ideal car: a jet-black car with an air of mystery and sophistication would be your ideal drive. Something sultry but not obvious, you hate anything ostentatious.
Favourite journey: is to a secret rendezvous with a luscious lover. If you are in a relationship, you will love to surprise your lover with a trip to anywhere mysterious and unknown.
Worst passenger: a charismatic Leo, as you don't like competition.
Worst driving trait: if you're in a bad mood you sulk and go into a world of your own.
Best driving trait: you are very perceptive and your intuitive driving gives you an uncanny ability to avoid traffic jams.
Predictions for 2008: you have started to get into a routine and are about to make a big commitment that could involve a new car. Don't refuse to visit a relative in your new motor: Christmas is a time for forgiveness.

Ideal car: a caravan or a van in an unusual and daring colour. You have a freedom-loving spirit and want to be able to drive around the world without worrying about accommodation.
Favourite journey: your love of the unusual makes you one of the most daring drivers and you would travel anywhere for the right view or scenery.
Worst passenger: a stuffy Virgo as they may make you feel restricted. You need passengers who allow you to play loud music.
Worst driving trait: you can be easily swayed off route to some other strange and wondrous destination.
Best driving trait: every journey is like a party, you are optimistic and excited about where you might end up.
Predictions for 2008: this year you are even bolder than before and decide to drive to Europe or some far-flung destination. Your car can be trusted but can you? Thank goodness for that fabulous navigational system.

Ideal car: you favour a practical yet exploratory 4x4. You like something that can handle any terrain and weather.
Ideal journey: off-road driving that allows you to flex your car's muscles and feel the earth move under your feet.
Worst passenger: a squeamish Pisces who does not like puddles. You want to roar around and take the track less travelled.
Worst driving trait: you can be a pig-headed driver and rarely back down if you feel you have the right of way.
Best driving trait: you certainly know how to handle your car. You can fix it if it breaks down (or know who to call!).
Predictions for 2008: you have had more new car brochures this year than petrol fill-ups. Make a decision and go for it, you know you want to! Something sporty and practical is going to grab your attention.

Ideal car: you are wacky and original and need a car that expresses this. A nippy car that's small on the outside but packed with interesting gadgets suits you.
Favourite journey: anywhere new! You love to be stimulated by new environments, places, ideas.
Worst passenger: a conservative Virgo who is judgmental or critical.
Worst driving trait: with your mind so keen to get where you are going you may forget to fill up the petrol tank and find yourself stranded.
Best driving trait: your passion and enthusiasm for driving makes you a great person to share a car journey with.
Predictions for 2008: we are still in the age of Aquarius and don't you know it! You decide to feng shui your new car or hang a meaningful object from the dashboard. Make sure it is on securely or it could do more harm than good.

Ideal car: your prime choice of car is classically stylish. You are the most likely sign to name your car and build up a friendship with it.
Favourite journey: would be to go to Cornwall and park near a cliff overlooking a castle at midnight. You would open your sunroof and stare at the stars.
Worst passenger: an earthy Capricorn who doesn't take the time to enjoy the beautiful scenery.
Worst driving trait: getting caught up with the view and not applying your handbrake. Don't forget to put on your practical hat when driving.
Best driving trait: your sense of fun is contagious and long journeys fly by.
Predictions for 2008: Uranus is making you very indecisive. You can't seem to make your mind up what car you want or even where you want to go! The bright side of this is an unusual trip can really broaden your horizons.

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